A large group of Australian Federation of Graduate Women travelled to Montrose House in #Canowindra for a luncheon to honour four women celebrating 50 Years of #Membership. Dorothy Balcomb, Jean Mary Fagan, Sue Stewart and Alison Biddulph have been continuous members of the Central West Branch, and Kath Mc Credie has been a member of various branches for the same length of time.

Central West President Sue Brown presented flowers to the group and each member gave an account of the highlights of their time as members, encouraging the education of the young women in our area and speaking with fondness of the friendships formed through the organisation.

These members have set a fine example for all to follow: pioneering working after marriage in the public service, an example of the hurdles they faced as young career women. Many things we simply take for granted to day were not the ‘norm’ when they were first working. We congratulate them and thank them for their support.

Photo: Dorothy Balcomb, Kath McCredie, Helen Haynes (original CW Secretary), Jean Mary Fagan and Sue Stewart (absent: Alison Biddulph)

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