AFGW at the forefront of latest Education Review into Rural and Remote Education

At the recent Commission on the Status of Women CSW62 event held at the UN in New York, GWI/AFGW delegates Prof. Shirley Randell, NSW Coordinator International Relations (CIR) and Prof. Jaya Dantas, Convenor for Status of Women AFGW, presented a session on Education and ICT for rural women in Australia and Rwanda.

Using examples from rural and remote Australia and Rwanda, their session highlighted the potential for ICT to improve educational outcomes for rural and remote women through use of on-line education and health information highlighting the work of two regional Australian universities.

The educational divide between the capital cities and regional areas and ways to address this has been explored in the recently published Independent Review into Regional, Rural and Remote Education by Emeritus Professor John Halsey and commissioned by the Coalition Government.

Professor Halsey identified four priorities from his 11 recommendations:

  1. establishing a national focus for regional, rural and remote education, training and research to enhance access, outcomes and opportunities
  2. focussing on research for successful learning and building young people’s futures – school leadership, teaching, curriculum and assessment
  3. addressing the information communication and technology needs in regional, rural and remote locations
  4. focusing on the transitions into and out of school.

Please visit The Independent Review into Regional, Rural and Remote Education for the full report. And the AFGW NSW thanks Professors Randell and Dantas for their work in helping to promote educational and health opportunities for all women – regardless of their location.