As stated by Mark Scott, Secretary, NSW Department of Education: ‘Responding to feedback from teachers, parents and students, the NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes has announced NAPLAN year 9 results will no longer be linked to HSC requirements.

Described as the state’s most controversial education policy, this change will mean year 9 students will no longer have to score three band 8s in NAPLAN to qualify for the HSC.

The change, which parents and many principals and teachers demanded, will mean that NAPLAN results from year 9 will not be linked to a student being awarded their HSC. However, under the changes, HSC students will still have to meet a minimum standard through short online tests in reading, writing and numeracy.

Public and private school teachers argued that valuable resources were simply being spent in preparing for tests rather than important wider teaching.

You can read more here in the SMH article announcing the change.