The AFGW NSW was delighted to recently award three worthy prize winners as part of the ongoing delivery of scholarships and awards to women and girl students through its Education Trust and state prizes.

The Joan Ritchie Prize – for a woman student in her 2nd year of her first undergraduate degree: April Phillips

April is a Bachelor of Creative Arts and Design (Graphic design) student at Charles Sturt University. Previously a full time Aboriginal arts worker (project officer) AprilI made the decision to study to ‘reinforce my skills and finally secure the University level of education which is required for management / senior level positions in the art industry‘. She has two young children and a supportive partner and is committed to her studies which will hopefully include an Honours year.

The Education Trust Award – STEM subjects – for a woman student in her 3rd year of her first undergraduate degree, in Honour of Dame Constance D’Arcy

Anna-Liisa Donnelly is in her 3rd year of study for a Bachelor of Oral Health Therapy at Charles Stuet and will graduate in December. She has experience as a dental assistant but hopes that,
‘as a qualified Oral health therapist I wish to work in a rural community in either the private or public sector. I am passionate about helping people improve their overall health and oral health and love working together with patients to implement strategies to assist them…I hope to have a long career and apply all I have learnt so far to my profession while continuing to develop my skills through experience and seminars in the future.’ Anna-Liisa is a single parent of two young children.

The Education Trust Award – Non STEM subjects – for a woman student in her 3rd year of her first undergraduate degree, in Honour of Louisa MacDonald

Samarah Fletcher is completing a Bachelor of Eduction (Secondary: Humanities)/Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney. She moved from Leeton where her family resides and her mother is doing a mature age university degree. She would like to ‘complete honours in my fifth year – being a rural student I have a keen interest in rural education and the proportions of rural students who attend higher education as opposed to metropolitan students. With one of my teaching areas being Japanese, I would also like to teach in Japan for a least 12-24 months after graduating in order to improve my Japanese and also bring a higher level of authenticity to my teaching but I would ultimately return to Australia.’



We congratulate all three women for their commitment to their studies and wish them all the best with their degrees.