The Friends of the City Branch and other members met at the historic SMSA Building (and home to the AFGW NSW office) to present the AFGW NSW TAFE TPC Awards for 2017.

It was a lovely intimate prize ceremony and afternoon tea recognising four high achieving women students who completed the TPC course at Ultimo, Gymea and Blacktown TAFES to gain entry to university in 2017. TAFE teachers and TPC coordinators Jane Maughan-Cheney and Elizabeth Fisher were also on hand to celebrate these women and the work of TAFE.

Summer being presented by City based member and Federal President Dr Jane Baker

Summer Keen
Summer attained a Tertiary Entrance Score (TES) of 294/300 and is now studying a Bachelor of Medical Science/Bachelor Arts at ANU. As stated by Summer, she faced illness, financial and family difficulty during high school. Later she overcame significant hurdles to commence her TPC. ‘I regained confidence in my academic ability and met a lot of wonderful and supportive people. I received an ATAR equivalence of 99.95 and have gone on to study a Bachelor of Medical Science at the ANU. I hope to study graduate medicine in the future and am aspiring to a career in Psychiatry.’



Leah Wang
Leah was born in China and completed a Bachelor of Dentistry before coming to Australia in 2007. Language requirement studies and two years of an MBA followed, but Leah’s dream was to become a teacher. Leah believed that ‘When God closes a door, he opens a window and my window was TPC. After receiving my permanent residency, I determined to study a degree in Education and pursue my dreams again.’ At 34 Leah is now studying a Bachelor of Education combined with a Bachelor of Science at Macquarie University.

Shirley Xin-li Han Ultimo TAFE
Shirley attained a Tertiary Entrance Score (TES) of 291/300, studying Calculus, English and Advanced Maths. Shirley faced health issues while at her selective high school and had to overcome these to later complete her TPC course. She attained great results to enable her to be able to now study Law and is also working full time so was unable to attend the ceremony.


Nadida Makanisi Blacktown TAFE:
Nadida is a refugee from Syria and has definitely not followed the conventional path to University. She did extremely well in the TPC and gained a place in the highly competitive Midwifery Degree at UTS. Nadida is on a clinical placement at Blacktown Hospital so was unable to attend the ceremony, but her teacher Elizabeth Fisher was there to proudly accept the award on her behalf.

Elizabeth Fisher Blacktown TAFE accepting on Nadida’s behalf




We wish all awardees the very best in their continued studies and future careers!