‘SKIRTS ON SACRED BENCHES’ A re-enactment at NSW Parliament House

On March 31, (4.30-6.00pm) a powerful re-enactment will be held at the NSW Parliament House. Millicent Preston Stanley, the 1st woman MP in New South Wales, fought an extraordinary battle for the rights of mothers to retain custody of their infant children. From the Public Galleries of the Legislative Assembly Chamber, travel back to 1926 to witness Millicent go head to head with her male colleagues on an issue upon which she staked her political career.

After watching a re-enactment of this extraordinary trailblazer in action, visitors can learn more about the role and history of women in politics through a visit to the new exhibition A Fit Place for Women: NSW Parliament. Dr Wendy Michaels, Honorary Research Fellow from the University of Newcastle (and AFGW NSW member) will talk about the achievements of Millicent, based on her own extensive research.

We hope many AFGW NSW members will be available to attend this fascinating event and support fellow member Dr Michaels.

Please see attached FLYER and BOOK using the following contacts:
02 9230 2047 • dps.education@parliament.nsw.gov.au