Welcome to the Australian Federation of Graduate Women – NSW Inc.

AFGW NSW Inc is:

  • An association of women graduates from universities and institutes of higher education throughout the world.
  • Affiliated with the national and international federations of graduate women.
  • A non-profit, non-government organisation.

What does AFGW-NSW do?

  • Awards scholarships, bursaries and awards to women students
  • Supports education for women locally and overseas
  • Holds membership in state women’s organisations
  • Organises forums for discussion and lectures
  • Administers state business
  • Provides networking and social interaction
  • Approaches governments on matters of women’s education and well-being – Please see under menu heading Advocacy


Calling all Women Graduates in NSW – we invite you to join us!                       

AFGW welcomes all women graduates who support its purposes and objectives. Membership in AFGW is open to all women who hold a degree or its equivalent from a University or institute of higher education. Employment in a University or any other location is not a requirement. Degrees that are awarded by a university or equivalent institution in any country are recognised as a qualification for membership.

AFGW NSW also welcomes non-graduates as Associate Members.
AFGW logo colour

Our National AFGW website includes Rules, Procedural Resolutions, By-laws and copies of submissions and letters of advocacy.

ifuw lampThe AFGW NSW (GWI) Lamp logo origins 
The lamp in our logo was initiated by members of the Norwegian Federation for the Third International Federation of University Women (IFUW) Conference in Oslo in 1924. The delegates adopted it as the permanent badge of IFUW now renamed GWI (and thus AFGW). The antique lamp represents the light of learning and the original logo featured an interlinked chain symbolizing the bonds of friendship linking IFUW (GWI) members throughout the world. Eventually the lamp came to be known as the lamp of friendship.